The blog and the blogger:

My name is Eman Bushnaq and I live in Amman, Jordan. Cooking is the most activity I love doing in my free times. I owe my love of cooking to my mother who has been cooking almost every day since forever with lots of enthusiasm and sense. And I owe my love of Palestinian food to my grandmother who taught me that the best food is the one you make by yourself using original and fresh ingredients from the land you live in.

I have started this blog in December 2012 with the aim of sharing the rich food culture of Palestine to everyone. The blog shows the culinary heritage of a country whose people have a great passion for their land, trees, and food.

I intend to  post a recipe every week. Please subscribe if you want to receive  recipes to your email, and send me if you have any suggestions about the upcoming dishes. The content of the blog (recipes, photos and articles) is original so please contact me if you want to use any of it.



Palestinian Cuisine:

Palestinian cuisine is considered as a part of Levantine cuisine (Syrian, Lebanese, Palestinian and Jordanian), that shares characteristics with the cuisines of East Mediterranean/ Middle East regions in general. However, Palestinian cuisine has its own distinctive food identity that makes it stands out and recognized across the region and the world. There is also a spectrum of food variation in Palestine itself. Food characteristics and traditions vary from north to south, coastal and interiors, urban cities to villages, and from winter to summer.

There are fundamental elements of Palestinian cookery like olives and olive oil, yogurt (fresh and strained), legumes (chickpeas, lentil, broad beans), grains (bread, sesame, black seeds), vegetables (eggplants, tomatoes, cauliflower, zucchini) and leaf vegetables.

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