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In Mains, Recipes On October 19, 2015 667 Comments

For some time now I have been wanting to post a recipe for a dish which from the Gaza region because I’ve never posted any in the blog… Read More »

Lentil final 3

Lentil Soup (Shorbet Adas)

In Recipes, Soup On July 23, 2013 927 Comments

For my family, and for many, lentil soup means winter. But when Ramadan comes in summer, then here is an exception. In Ramadan, lentil soup is to be… Read More »

fattet hummus 14

Fattet Hummus

In Breakfast, Mains, Recipes On April 14, 2013 47 Comments

Fattet hummus is one of different fatteh dishes in the Levantine cuisine. All these dishes are based on having fried pieces of pita bread topped with different toppings…… Read More »

Palestinian Couscous (Maftoul)

Palestinian Couscous (Maftoul)

In Mains, Recipes On March 21, 2013 38 Comments

(Jump to Directions) Maftoul or Palestinian couscous is a traditional staple food in Palestine, typically made and served in occasions and holidays. Couscous is originated in Morocco and brought by Moroccan migrants… Read More »


Bulgur with Lentils (Mjaddara)

In Mains, Recipes On February 24, 2013 22 Comments

Mjaddara (Bulgur with lentils) is one of those dishes you can make even when your kitchen appears to be empty! All what you need to have is probably… Read More »


Broad Beans with Mloukhieh (Besara)

In Mains, Recipes On February 13, 2013 25 Comments

(Jump to Directions) Have you ever heard of Besara before? No? That’s expected! Although it is a Palestinian dish, most of Palestinians don’t know Besara nowadays. I personally… Read More »