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maqluba with eggplant

Maqluba With Eggplant and Lamb

In Mains, Recipes On February 15, 2014 1,416 Comments

When I come to think of the national dish of Palestine, I think of musakhan (layered dish of bread, onion and sumac topped with chicken and pine nut). But many… Read More »

cabbage wraps 18

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (Malfouf)

In Mains, Recipes On April 7, 2013 101 Comments

Stuffing different kind of vegetables, including vegetable leaves, with rice and meat is a distinctive characteristic of East Mediterranean cuisines. Tens or maybe hundreds of various dishes are based on this same… Read More »


Meat Dumplings in Yogurt Sauce (Shishbarak)

In Baking, Mains, Recipes On March 8, 2013 26 Comments

In some areas of Palestine it is called (taqiyet elyahoodi) which means Jew’s hat, in some other areas it’s called (dinen) which means ears. However, the mainly and… Read More »


Bulgur with Lentils (Mjaddara)

In Mains, Recipes On February 24, 2013 22 Comments

Mjaddara (Bulgur with lentils) is one of those dishes you can make even when your kitchen appears to be empty! All what you need to have is probably… Read More »