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Pickled Stuffed Eggplants (Makdous)

In Breakfast, Recipes On November 19, 2015 377 Comments

For many Palestinian families, the most important part of their kitchen is what is called the supply cabinet or supply pantry, which contains different foods preserved naturally to be used… Read More »

zaatar final1

Zaatar Bread (Fatayer Zaatar)

In Baking, Breakfast, Recipes On May 4, 2013 871 Comments

Zaatar is the Arabic word of thyme, it is a wild herb that grows throughout hills and fields of the Levant and East Mediterranean regions. Zaatar has become (along… Read More »

fattet hummus 14

Fattet Hummus

In Breakfast, Mains, Recipes On April 14, 2013 47 Comments

Fattet hummus is one of different fatteh dishes in the Levantine cuisine. All these dishes are based on having fried pieces of pita bread topped with different toppings…… Read More »


Bitter Orange Marmalade (Mrabba Khesh-khash)

In Breakfast, Dessert, Recipes On March 31, 2013 152 Comments

Today I’m so excited that I’m sharing with you one of most interesting marmalade recipes out there. Although I’m not a big fan of citrus jams in general, but definitely this one… Read More »

Qizha Pie

Black Cumin Pie (Qizha)

In Baking, Breakfast, Dessert, Recipes On February 19, 2013 139 Comments

(Jump to Directions) Like most of seeds, black cumin seeds (black seeds, qizha, or nigella seeds) have many health benefits. They are rich of unsaturated important fatty acids, antioxidant,… Read More »


Eggs with Tomato Sauce (Shakshoukeh)

In Breakfast, Recipes On January 29, 2013 19 Comments

(Jump to Directions) Shakshoukeh (or shakshuka) is the kind of dishes that can be prepared and made anytime, by anyone, and using the most basic ingredients that any… Read More »

Labaneh Balls

Strained Yogurt Balls (Kurat Labaneh)

In Appetizers, Breakfast, Recipes On December 27, 2012 45 Comments

(Jump to Directions) Labaneh (or Labneh) is a thick and creamy spread made from fresh yogurt milk which has been strained in order to remove the whey using… Read More »